Welcome! And thanks for stopping by to visit me!

My name is Tommy and I'm the proud owner of "Tommy Guns Studios" located in my hometown of Peckville, Pennsylvania.

I'm a proud husband to my amazing wife Maryann, who is the most beautiful woman in the whole world, and she's also my very best friend in the whole world. We are blessed with three amazing kids (now adults) that say I’m pretty awesome and actually “kinda cool for an old guy”. I'm also a very proud grandpa to my grandson Liam, who will be spoiled by me for many years to come. ❤
For many years you would find me on stage as the lead singer of a band called "The Tommy Guns Band". Eventually it became time for me to explore another passions of mine as my time here on planet Earth is somewhat limited…

So today... I'm a very creative and passionate photographer and videographer. I have a small studio office in our cozy little Cape Cod home. But, I am not a rookie by any means... 
I do have over 30 years of experience in web design, graphic design, video production, and photography. I have worked professionally with large corporations, small businesses, Universities, real-estate company's, and also privately for weddings, charity events and much more...

I absolutely love to be creative! I am always learning and exploring new and innovative artistic ideas. I believe in living my life with integrity and setting a good example for those to follow. I am polite, super friendly and easy-going. 
So, thanks again for stopping by... And I hope to hear from you soon! 


AKA: Tommy Guns
Owner: Videographer & Photographer
Tommy Guns Studios

325 Oak Street. Peckville, PA

Call or Text: 570-687-1139
Email: tommy@thomasguns.co
Facebook Message: @tommygunsstudios

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